Programme Downloads

Alert Tracker Version 1.903.3

– Call Point Database 1 – 255

Alert Tracker Version 2.1012.1

– Call Point Database 1 – 512

Release notes: Alert Community

VERSION:- 1.1104.11   Added Feature : The ability to link up to 4 Call Points to Paging Control Macros. Please check the settings window to enable this feature.

VERSION:- 1.1011.2  Added Feature : Support for Pager Macros has been added. Please check the Settings window to enable this feature.

VERSION:- 1.1008.1   Bug Fix : Phantom Calls do not shut down the programme

VERSION:- 1.909.6   Bug Fix : Fixed an issue where all Active Pager Groups would be paged.Added a new report to Call Points screen, listing Call Points without a Pager Group assignment.

Beta downloads